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BOLD BLOG Lesson (36).Use social media to tell your story,

Posted by Bold n Boasy Entertainment on July 7, 2015 at 5:45 AM

Marketing begins well before you have a new album or single to launch, and it continues as you tour, put out videos, and begin writing and recording your next record. By using social-media (along with your blog, email newsletter, and good old-fashioned stage banter), you can:

• Tease details about your products to build interest before they’re released

• Include your fans in the creation process by asking for feedback on demos, alternate mixes, song

sequencing, tour routing, etc.

• Encourage micro-patronage support and pre-sales through crowdfunding

• Keep fans updated on concert details, release dates, etc.

• Get them to spread the word about your music by sharing your content

The #1 rule of social media: don’t overcommit! Music marketing gurus like to repeat the mantra “be everywhere.” Well, they’re wrong. It’s easy to dive into the deep end of social-media; it’s harder to swim back out. If you’re trying to balance practices, touring, recording, and marketing, don’t get carried away. You’ll drive yourself crazy and do a bad job at social media while you’re at it. Instead, pick one. It’s better to use one social-media platform well than to juggle three poorly. When your music career has advanced to the place where you really SHOULD “be everywhere,” you’ll also be in a position to enlist some help with your online marketing.

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