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Yesterday, May 23, 2015, In a press release Jahvante Campbell asked by Naj Akenia a freelancer from South Africa, about "What's Going On" a track taken from his EP titled 7 SEAL. In Marvil Jahvante Campbell own words, "IT MUST STOP", Dozens of children have been killed, at least 12 raped and others abducted and recruited in a series of attacks in South Sudan?s Unity State over a two-week period, "IT MUST STOP", so as to provide support and protection to our women and children, I sing "WHAT'S GOING ON" knowning my Family of Black and White all over the world will help to STOP IT. Jah Love and Peace. Listen New Single Here: Please Buy Music At Boldtunes Here:
Jahvante Campbell
Jahvante Campbell
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