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St. Johns Life Style (EP) by Mental

1. "Inna Mi Tabanacle"

2. :"Gal Look Good Pon The Bike "

3. "Rich Fi Deh Year Yah "

4."Dem A Dead"

LONEL by Roland Burrell

1. Lonely  

2. Africa Is Crying 

3. Blood Shot Eyes 

4. Break Free 

5. Dangerous Woman 

6. Don't Think About Tomorrow 

7. Far Behind The Sun

8. Forever 

9. Love Knocking On Your Door 

10. Rip Off 

11. Rise Up

12. Star Light 

Cariffa Various Artistes EP

1. Look Inna Mi Face by Lyrics Matic

2. Holiday Time by Romye 

3. Happy Wi Happy  by Nessy 

4. Cariffa “Instrumental” by Damion Hewitt

TRUTH Various Artistes EP

1. Title: Saints Of Jah by Jah Verro

2. Moment Of Truth by Q' Vil 

3. Jah Jah Children by Q' Vil 

4. Me Know My Friend by Mixing Lab 

5. Back It Up by Big Rapper 

6. Mystery In Life (Instrumental) by Leroy Shand

The Best Of Roland Burrell
1. Black Race 
2. Johnny Dollar
3. Nobody Cares 
4. Hey Mama  
5. Lost My Love
6. Stormy Night 
7. Suzette 
8. Strongest Love 
9. Come Home 
10. Give Me Your Love 

Break Free by Roland Burrell

1. Beware (Adopted) 

2. Hold You 

3. Give It All 

4. Never Let Go 

5. Forever by Roland Burrell 

6. Hoping And Wishing 

7. Break Free 

8. Mix Up Mix Up 

9. Marcus Gravey 

10. Rise Up

Dark Night by Shane I

1. As a Youth Growning Up Ft. Knocklife

2. I See In Your Eyes

3. It's A Dark Night

Bold Mix Genre Island. Vol.1

1. Save The World by Jah Verrol

2. Lonely by Roland Burrell

3. This Is How I Feel (Remix) by Grip Wrench Ft. Trace

4. What Are You Saying To Me by Sexy. G Ft. Knocklife

5. Love Making (Soldier Girl) by Neka

6. What Is Love by Cuz Diego

7. I See In Your Eyes by Shane I

8. Moment Of Truth by Q'Vil

9. Life Fe Live by King Mee

10. Holiday Time by Romye

11. Party Til Sun Up by Romye Ft. Jahvante Campbell

12. Tonight by Knocklife

Life by Knocklife (Album)

1. Peace For The Youths Ft Danger Chris

2. School It

3. Protest Poetry Ft. Sexy G

4. Joy Ft. Grip Wrench

5. Sweet Malika Ft. Grip Wrench

6. What Are You Saying To Me Ft. Sexy G

7. The Way You Wine Ft. Minky

8. Relationship

9. Conversation

10. Tell It All

Greatest Love (EP) by Jessie Proverbs

1. My Queen 

2. Green Eye Girl 

3. Tweet Tweet 

4. Me Cry Again 

5. Mother's Love 

I Am, What I Am (Dancehall Hot Rapper) By Knocklife.

1. Seduce (Seduction) -

2. Love Affair - Ft. Roland Burrell

3.Face The Fact 

4. I Am, What I Am Ft. Chilando 

5. Dem Sell Wi Out by Ricky Chopz Ft. 

Knocklife & Minky 

6. Take A Pic

7. These Streets 

8. Street Stigma

9. Youth Story 

10. Religion 

11. Tonight 

12. I Like It 

Self Title Grip Wrench Album by Grip Wrench
01. Help Us
02. Joy ft. Knocklife
03. Sweet Malika Ft. Knocklife
04. Rescue Me
05. Loving You
06. Legalize The Weed
07. Bun Babylon
08. Educate Our Children

7 SEAL (EP) by Jahvante Campbell

1. If It Wasn't For Jah
2. I know
3. Tell Me Why
4. Mama I Love You
5. Sweet Love
6. We Going Home
7. What Going On

Odogwu (Great) EP by Arisha Hillz
1. Oh Baby
2. Just Dance (Get On The Floo
3. Zaminamina
4, Odogwu (Great)

He Created Everything by Orthodox Issachar

01. Prelude
02. Our Father
03. He Created Everything
04. Love Is the Key
05. Bound Satan
06. Sound the Trumpet
07. Why Do We Fuss
08. Beware
09. Mission
10. Wonder Woman
11. African Struggle
13 Freedom
14 More Life
15 Lift Him Hig
16 Eliminate Satan

Ndi'eze by Arisha Hillz EP
01. Abia Rejoice Uche Ogah
02. Kuwa Mgbrimgba Rochas
03. Kirikata Willie Obiano Apokowadike
04. Owelle Rochas
05. Oyoko

Reggae Roots by Hawkeye (EP)

04. OH I

Revelation Time (EP) by Romye
01. You're My Wife
02. Revelation Time
03. Head A Hot Mi
04. Dancing Time Again
05. Party Til Sun Up


Sunnymackson (EP) Too Much Money
1. Koba
2. Bobozzy
3. Too Much Money

Dapsthology by Major Daps
01 Play Jah Music
02 Warning Now


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