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Bold n Boasy Music Licensing is a music licensing company that gives visual media creators a way to quickly discover and license original music.
Once you’ve found that perfect track, you’ll need to decide on which license suits your project. The terms for all of our standard licenses are below. If you don’t see one that meets your needs, just give us a call and we’d be happy to create a custom license for you!

Not sure which license is right for your project? Let our licensing experts steer you in the right direction.

The Business Licenses.

Our Business Licenses give you rights to use a track for your business videos, which can be hosted on your company web site and social media pages. They are offered in both 1 year and perpetual terms.

The Wedding/Event License.

Our Wedding/Event License gives you rights to use a track for a single wedding or other non-corporate and non-branded event video such as a party, game, etc. It is a perpetual license.

The Webisode License.

Our Webisode License gives you rights to use a track in a non-branded, non-commercial Webisode (Web TV) that has a production budget of $250-$1,000. A Webisode is defined as any scripted or unscripted short episode that airs as Internet television. This is a perpetual license.

The Indie Film License.

Our Indie Film License gives you rights to use music in a single film or video distributed online, or for submission to film festivals. It is a perpetual license.

The Ad Supported Vlog License.

Our Ad Supported Vlog License gives your rights to use a track in your video logs that are hosted on the social web and they can be monetized via ads that run against the produced video. There are 2 licenses covering vlogs with 10,000 and 100,000 page views. These licenses are perpetual, i.e. never expire.

The Personal License.

Our Personal License allows you to use music in a video intended to capture life experiences that you wish to share with friends or the world at large. The Student license allows you to use music within a video that is produced for student and class projects. All licenses are perpetual and prices range from $2 to $5. The license does not allow for the videos to be monetized in any way.

The Advertising Media Buy License.

Our Advertising Media Buy License allows a company of any size to purchase rights to sync a song within a commercial advertisement that is intended to be broadcast via direct media buy, on television, the internet, radio, theaters or mobile applications.

The Television Entertainment Licenses.

Our Television Entertainment Licenses allow the syncing of a song to any show that is intended to be distributed and broadcast via network television, internet television (Netflix, Hulu etc) satellite television, and basic or premium cable for entertainment purposes.

Indie Game License.

Our Indie Game License allows any game developer, with a game development budget of less than $1M in gross financing, to sync a song to a video game that’s to be distributed via the web, gaming consoles and mobile apps for a perpetual term.

Not finding a license that works for you? We can create a custom license for just about anything. Custom License Request

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Loisaidas Full Episode 1-8 / Damon Dash & Kanye West


     MUSIC LICENSES FOR NEXT                        PROJECT..

Music For Business Licenses - $1950.00.UP

Music For Wedding / Event License - 39.00. UP

Music For Webisode License - $250.00. UP

Music For Indie Film License - $

Music For Ad Supported Vlog License - $

Music For Personal License - $5.00. UP

Music For Advertising Media Buy License - 450.00 UP

Music For Television Entertainment Licenses - $280.00 UP

Music For Indie Game License - $220.00. UP

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